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BC’s aging population means there are more people living longer with some form of disability.

Over the last 40 years, the needs have changed for the people we serve while the camp has not evolved to meet those needs. There are many challenges with the buildings, infrastructure, and landscaping that must be addressed for the site at Camp Shawnigan to remain safe and accessible.

The demand for an inclusive space to serve both visible and invisible disabilities has grown.

  • After four decades of service, Camp Shawnigan is approaching the end of its useful life.
  • The site does not have the infrastructure to operate as a year round facility.
  • As maintenance and operational costs continue to increase and financial support fluctuates, the existing model is unsustainable.

Through ongoing conversations with our families, we also know:

  • There are not enough programs for people of all ages with disabilities and their families.
  • Families struggle to access safe, affordable, and long-lasting overnight respite care.
  • Despite growing demand, fully-accessible tourism opportunities are scarce.

The Camp’s buildings and landscapes are not equipped for full inclusion. What was considered accessible and acceptable in 1979 does not meet today’s standards and cannot accommodate all disabilities.

Buildings Challenges

The camp’s buildings are currently not equipped to accommodate people with various disabilities.

Accessibility Challenges

New ramps, lifts, and wayfinding technology will remove barriers providing a safe, freedom of movement and independence to future campers.

Landscape Challenges

The camp has an undulating landscape which needs to be redesigned to offer a meaningful outdoor experience for everyone.

Other Challenges

Signage, Wi-Fi enabled lanyard systems, and new applications to keep track of and communicate with each other can be added to improve camp experience.

Current Camp Photo Gallery

Thanks to the generosity of donors, we’ve been able to operate camp in the current facilities for over 40 years, but its time has come. There are many challenges with the buildings, infrastructure and landscaping that must be addressed. Please click the images for an expanded view.