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Camp Shawnigan Impact


In addition to the 400 people with disabilities the camp serves annually in its current programs, the new Camp Shawnigan will enable us to elevate the impact with the individuals and families who use our service.

  • For all people with disabilities from across Canada and beyond, it will be a fully accessible and inclusive travel destination.
  • For people of Shawnigan Lake and the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) it will help to meet the unmet need for recreational facilities across the region.
  • For professionals in the building and design sectors, it will be a demonstration project for Universal Design as a living lab for innovation to achieve new standards for accessibility.
  • For everyone, Camp Shawnigan will be a fully inclusive recreational destination for weddings, social gatherings, corporate retreats, and conferences.
Additional Hours

additional hours of year-round programming for children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families

More Involvement

more individuals with a disability and/or their families will participate in our programs

More Participants

more participants will enjoy family camps

Additional Weekends

additional weekends of programming and respite for families


more programming for families


more programming for children and youth with disabilities and respite for their families


more programming for adults with disabilities and respite for their families or caregivers


more respite for families and caregivers

Camp Swimmer

For Community

We are dedicated to ensuring the redevelopment of Camp Shawnigan creates an inclusive community recreation hub for everyone. Camp Shawnigan will help to meet the unmet need for recreational facilities and opportunities across the region, elevating quality of life for all who live and work in the area.

  • With its extensive Universal Design features, Camp Shawnigan will be ready to accommodate the recreational needs of the significant population of older adults (50+) in the area as they age. Census data indicates the proportion of people aged 50+ in the CVRD exceeds the provincial average by 10%, with the largest age demographic being 60-69, many of whom live with one or more disabilities.
  • The gymnasium, climbing wall, field, multi-purpose space and pool/hot tub will be made available to community groups, area schools, sports teams and clubs through accessible community rentals.

For Everyone

  • Camp Shawnigan will stand alone as a fully inclusive recreational travel destination for children, youth, and adults with visible and invisible disabilities.
  • It will welcome weddings, family reunions and social gatherings, as well as corporate retreats and conferences.
  • As a demonstration project for Universal Design, Camp Shawnigan will enable the development and testing of new ideas and concepts in inclusive spaces and places.
  • As a living lab, it will be a catalyst that pushes the boundaries of innovation and helps the design sector achieve new standards for accessible recreation and travel.
  • Camp Shawnigan will be an accessible destination for advocacy organizations who struggle to find appropriate meeting space, from across Canada and beyond.